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I've been so caught up with other things, that I have forgotten to post. But I finally managed to hang out with a group of my closest friends where we talked about the subject 'secrets' past midnight. Being able to spend time with my high school friends, made me realize how fast time is going by. I can't believe that soon I'll be turning twenty one. I used to be happy that  I was getting older,and now I just want it to stop. I just want to retain my youth. Actually, a couple of days ago I had to open the door for these church representatives that came by and when they saw me, they thought I was thirteen. They even asked me 'why I wasn't in school right now.' So, it's a good thing I actually don't look my age at all. 
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I think I'm getting addicted to Pinterest, so much inspiration there! 

Spirited Away
One of my favorite animated films. Yes, I watch and read anime/manga's. That makes me a bit of a nerd, I'm not afraid to admit I'm in chapter 606 in Naruto. Nerd status. 

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  1. The black blazer look is so simple yet so chic!!
    Love it so much. :)

  2. Pinterest is definitely addicting. Great shots, girl!
    xo TJ


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